At Holy Cross College Ryde we value student voice and the vital role it plays as part of the Australian Wellbeing Framework. Led by the senior student leaders, the college provides opportunities for authentic student decision-making regarding matters that directly affect the student body. The college is blessed to be a part of the Patrician schools network, whereby students regularly  engage in workshops with like-minded student leaders from other Sydney based Patrician schools.

In 2022, we have added the role of (senior) administration counsellor to act as a conduit between the student body and the staff. This along with our college captain, two vice-captains, Arts, co-curricular, social justice, house leaders and year group counsellors, form the basis of an excellent structure that makes a positive difference at our school.

In 2019, the college reintroduced the Australian Army Cadet program to the college. The Australian Army Cadet program is the largest youth leadership program in Australia boasting 18600 current members. This adds opportunities for our students to participate and demonstrate leadership skills throughout the college in a wide variety of roles.

Holy Cross College Ryde students sitting in a class school