Role Name
Principal Mr Phillip Stewart
Assistant Principal Mr Andrew Maher
Religious Education Coordinator
Director of Learning and Curriculum Ms Cecilia Batista
Leader of Learning: Pedagogy Mr Christopher Whitty
Head of Diverse Learning Mrs Caterina Tosh
Director of Student Wellbeing Mr Andrew Gillies
Personal Assistant to the Principal Ms Sharon Gollan
Role Name
Director of Student Wellbeing Mr Andrew Gillies
Year 7 Mr Boshko Maksimovic
Year 8 Mrs Claire Siddle 
Year 9 Mr Andres Trujillo
Year 10 Mr Toufic Mansour
Year 11 Mr Sam Raymond
Year 12 Mrs Jenna Belcastro
Role Name
Creative and Performing Arts Mr Peter Keogh
English Mrs Victoria Keech
Human Society and Its Environment Mr Paul Sands
Mathematics Mr Alex Vendrasco
PDHPE Mr Mark Cuttler
Religious Education Ms Mary Mansour
Science Mrs Renee Makram
Technology and Applied Studies / VET Ms Sabnam Kanta
Director Diverse Learning Mrs Caterina Tosh
Role Name
Administration Coordinator Mr Vince Signorelli
Careers Counsellor Mr Michael Fairgrieve
First Aid Officer Mrs Christine Ellis-O’Neil
Liturgy Coordinator Mrs Philippa Harrington
Media and Communications Officer Mr Tim White
Music Mr Peter Keogh
Co-Curricular Coordinator Mr Tim White
Cadets Coordinator Mr Michael Boulus
Youth Ministry Coordinator Ms Ashleigh Fayad
Role Name
Accounts Bursar Ms Anne Hemmings
Business Manager Ms Renita Gibson
College Receptionist Mrs Cathie Dickinson
Groundsman Mr Paul McInerney
Honorary Archivist Dr Zachariah Duke
ICT Support Officer Mr Stephen Zolnay
Laboratory Assistant Mrs Elizabeth Rogers
Diverse Learning / Teachers Aid Ms Belinda Hall
Diverse Learning / Teachers Aid Mrs Kerry Lake
Diverse Learning / Teachers Aid Ms Christine Small
Library Resource Officer Mrs Marianne Hoey
Maintenance Officer Mr Raymond Guff
School Support Secretary Mrs Christine Ellis-O’Neil
Student Services / Parent Enquiries Mrs Sonya Jarvis
Student Services / Parent Enquiries Mrs Christine Ellis-O’Neil
Student Services / Parent Enquiries Mrs Glynis Heydon
TAS Hospitality Assistant Mrs Jeannie Meredith
Mr Ryan Acosta Ms Jaqui Marshall
Mr Cameron Baird Mr Toufic Mansour
Ms Liza Marie Balleza Ms Justine Martin
Ms Cecilia Batista Mr Robert McCreery
Ms Jenna Belcastro Mr Galen Neubronner
Mr Michael Boulus Mr Alex Rafoo
Ms Kayla Boyd Mr David Ratcliffe
Ms Janine Blaine Mr Sam Raymond
Ms Miriam Cockrell Mrs Virginia Reeves
Mrs Daniella Casa Mr Adam Rekrut
Dr Jatin Chand Mrs Vivian Sabbagh
Mr Mark Cuttler Ms Stephanie Saba
Mr Michael Fairgrieve Mr Vince Signorelli
Ms Ashleigh Fayad Mr Paul Sands
Ms Smrita Haley-Herbert Ms Claire Siddle
Ms Carolina Foster Mr Phillip Stewart
Mr Andrew Gillies Mr Jovan Tanceski
Mr Harry Goodman Mr John Tanner
Mr James Gurr Ms Jennifer Tighe
Mrs Philippa Harrington Mr Prathapan Thillainathan
Mr Jack Hill Ms Caterina Tosh
Mr Rashedul Islam  Mr Andres Trujillo
Mr Kieran Jones Mr Alex Vendrasco
Ms Victoria Keech Mr Peter Vesic
Mr Peter Keogh Mr Tim White
Ms Mary Mansour Mr Christopher Whitty
Mrs Renee Makram Ms Taylor-Rose Youseff
Mr Boshko Maksimovic Ms Anqi Zhuang